ProspectXI: Worldwide Sports Scouting Network

Over the past decade, soccer on the North American sports landscape has grown by leaps and bounds. With MLS now 20 years old, the establishment of other Pro and Semi-pro leagues such as the new NASL, USL, PDL, NPSL, L1O, and PQL as well as amateur soccer, major academy league like USSDA and soccer played throughout American and Canadian schools, the game has never been more popular.

ProspectXI or PXI is a scouting network using its extensive and growing database to identify, track and scout players around the world and at various levels of the game. PXI has the ability to blend statistical data, scouting reports, tactical analysis and other methods in order to provide awareness of where the game is today and its potential. It also looks at getting first hand accounts and opinions from influential contacts, including players, coaches, scouts and general managers.

Aaron Nielsen: Scout, Statistician & ProspectXI founder

Aaron has been involved in Soccer for close to 25 years. He brought a North American statistical approach and was one of the original developer of statistics and analytics regarding soccer including a database that showcases the complete careers of over 60,000 players. He has a history working with other professional sports and has used this experience in bringing the term “Prospect” to Soccer and projecting players potential performance. He has worked with clubs in recruiting and evaluating players, He has written articles on the development of the game both in North America and the World, and provides an original and modern perspective. Along with his statistical work, ProspectXI helps people understand that Soccer is not only about the game but the individuals who play it.